Thanks to comprehensive support from our Architectural Services Group, we approach all commercial jobs with a heightened emphasis on project management, flexibility and customization. Our expansive product lineup, ranging from vinyl replacement windows to huge, load-bearing wall systems, are well-suited and proven for commercial use in projects all around the world:

  • Hospitality
  • Multi-family Housing
  • Office
  • K-12, Colleges & Universities
  • Assisted & Senior Living
  • Healthcare
  • Historic Renovations
  • Entertainment
  • Government Facilities
  • Religious

Commercial Capabilities: Inspired by Design

Commercial Projects

New Clairvaux Monastery | 2

Vina, CA

800-year-old stones and Sierra Pacific's Architectural Wall System make for the perfect juxtaposition of old and new. Master Mason Frank Helmholz completed the magnificent interior of the church using stones from a Cistercian monastery in Spain. The stones were once owned by William Randolph Hearst but were found languishing in San Francisco.

Contractors: Sunseri Associates, Inc. & Collier Group

Architect: Dennis Thompson, dmta architecture

Photographer: Unique Angles Photography, Marcus Berg

Tags: Awning, Commercial, Commercial Swing Door, Direct Glaze, Door, New Construction, Sloped Glazing, Special Shapes, Timber Curtain, Traditional, Vertical Glazed Architectural Wall System, Wall System, Window
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