Support starts with a relationship. Our Architectural Services Group and Architectural Consultants give you direct access to service, ideas, even project management to help you see your vision come to life.

Architectural Services Group – Your Commercial Support Team

Our Architectural Services Group specializes in providing a full range of services for your commercial projects. They work with commercial requirements all day, so they understand the unique challenges you face. From the initial designs to the order process and final product delivery, the ASG is available to answer questions and help designers, builders and architects from the day the project is submitted to the close-out phase. Here are just a few of the ways they could help you save time and money:

  • Internal audit of commercial projects
  • Spec reviews to confirm quote accuracy
  • Coordinate project calendar from manufacturing through delivery
  • Complete shop drawing and CAD plan services
  • Consult on code compliance requirements as requested
  • Conduct field and performance testing
  • Review custom detail and design requirements of projects
  • Coordinate staged delivery, factory mulling or complete factory assembly of trim, subsills and design options

Architectural Consultants – Your Personal Expert

At Sierra Pacific Windows, we approach client relationships in a hands-on, personalized way. This has led to our growing network of Architectural Consultants. Think of them as fenestration experts ready to team up with architects and builders to work collaboratively on project details, planning, even in-person AIA/CES courses if you want. Here are some of the benefits of having an expert on your team:

  • Expert Fenestration Consultant
  • Consult on designs and specifications
  • Technical Information Resource
  • Spec writing assistance and review
  • Provide finish and other samples
  • In-person AIA accredited CES presentations by request
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