Aluminum Clad Wood, the best of both worlds

Aluminum Clad Wood Sliding


One of the smartest and most economical ways to create a seamless transition between your outdoor and indoor living areas, our sliding doors give new meaning to the term "smooth as silk."

Aluminum Clad Wood Bi-Fold


Enjoy breathtaking views with panels that fold and stack to one or both sides of an opening, all with smooth-action glides that move easily and close securely.

Aluminum Clad Wood Multi-Slide Plus

Multi-Slide Plus

Expand the limits of residential and commercial building with moving walls of wood or wood/clad panels that stack or disappear into a pocket on one or both sides of an opening.

Aluminum Clad Wood Lift and Slide

Lift and Slide

An advanced weeping system and innovative mechanics create a stacking door with greater structural integrity and energy efficiency while raising the standard of a tight door seal.

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